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Home care services are becoming a popular alternative to nursing homes, offering a cost effective and personal, nursing and supportive in home provision. Caringangels provide a quality sensitive service  by enhancing the client’s life by maintaining their independence and dignity, allowing them to enjoy the comfort of their own home for as long as possible and alleviating the worries and concerns of the family.
caringangels home care services are often used in conjunction with home health care,  supporting living services, such as bathing, toileting, continence care, lifting, assistance with ambulation, feeding, homemaking, cooking, laundry, light housekeeping, shopping, errands and most important companionship.
caringangels are a professional, caring, nursing assistance, providing  in-home care services including personal attention, homemaking, friendship, housekeeping, granny sitting, family, live in and other home care services.
caringangels  are about you and those you love and care about. We’ll take care of you and those you care about. So please contact us to let us know how we can help you and those you love, for your peace of mind.
caringangels support services relieves pressure on families, fosters a more relaxed family atmosphere live in and daily homecare.
caringangels  are a team of thoughtful, reliable, experienced, well trained, Garda screened staff dealing with a range of care that includes elderly general, disabilities, dementia, Alzheimer’s, palliative and a wide variety of other needs.
Personal Home Care Services • Bathing • Bed, Tub and Sponge Bath • Shower and Toilet Assistance • Oral and mouth care • Dressing and  Grooming • Assist with Bedpan and Urinal Facilities • Assist with Commode • Assist with Active range-of-motion • And many, many more Client requests Personal Assistance & Supportive Care  • Transfers • Feeding • Assist to Bathroom • Assist with self-administered medication                                                                                   • Limit or Encourage Fluids • Record Food Intake • Record Urinary Output and Bowel Function
Homemaking Home Care Services   • Meal planning • Cooking • Meal Preparation • Serve Meals • Wash Dishes • Light Housekeeping                                • Make and change bed                                    • Bathroom Cleaning                                  • Kitchen Cleaning                                    • Vacuuming, Dusting, Cleaning                • Organizing help i.e sort photos • Organize Personal Laundry and Linens
Senior Companion Care Services  • Conversation • Reading • Games • Projects • Gardening • Appointments • Outings • Celebrating Birthdays                                        • Celebrating Anniversaries                                    • Family Gathering Participation • Record memoirs • Correspondence Shopping  • Errands • Transportation • Plant Care • And many more Client requests
And Many More Client Requests Available
       Live In or Daily Homecare Services Include :
            Dementia Care  Losing one’s memory and mental capacity is one of the greatest fears faced by older people and those they love.  Alzheimer’s disease and many other dementia types sadly deprive individuals of their memory, personality and ability to perform even simple activities of daily life. Learning that a loved one is experiencing dementia symptoms causes disbelief, uncertainty, devastation and distress. Help will be needed. The necessary care and nursing will be difficult and upsetting. Planning the appropriate service and assistance required now and in the future is crucial. Our staff are trained to give you the insights and support of this tragic illness; they undergo extensive training to provide safe and appropriate care at home. We also deliver additional training in dementia care to our carers where necessary, allowing them extra professional, caring responsibilities in the following fields:   •Give Respite to family members                                                                                                                                                                           •Conversation and companionship assistance             •Personal care support                              •Live-in care                    •Intellectual activities to stimulate the mind We also monitor procedures. Reviewing and altering make the care as the disease progresses. Ensuring at all times the right and appropriate care is always delivered.           Palliative Care Services Terminal illness can be devastating to both the client and family. Facing problems associated with life-threatening illnesses presents huge challenges to all those concerned at such a difficult and sad time. It is understandable that a vast array of feelings, denial, anger, guilt, fatalism, depression and a sense of helplessness can be experienced. All this upset and anxiety at such a demanding and crucial period whilst making the most of the precious time remaining. Dealing with so many difficulties whilst still being in control, for both you and your loved one, whilst providing the devotion and care to those you love is a challenge, that requires extra help and support Caringangels ‘Palliative Care’ approaches this challenge to improve the quality of life of patients and their families through the prevention and relief of suffering. We focus on the treatment of pain and other problems, whilst integrating the physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs of the patient.  Our staff offer support, care and companionship to help patients live as actively as possible whilst also delivering a sensitive and supportive assistance for the family cope during the patient’s illnesses          Live-in Care Assistance Live-in care is a care service allowing security and peace of mind through the support and assistance of a carer living and staying with your loved one on an on-going basis in their home. Giving nursing and companionship to the patient whilst remaining in the comfort and familiarity of their home without compromising the level of care and support received. •Clients value their independence and want to stay at home whilst not changing their routines or have to fit in with others. •Keeping the company their pets is both therapeutic and desirable •The family have the freedom to visit, calling whenever they wish •Less traumatic for both families and the patient to be admitted into a nursing home •Care changes simultaneously with needs •Costs are comparable with many nursing homes         Elderly Respite Care Caringangels know that looking after your elderly or ill loved ones can be physically and mentally exhausting.  Respite care allows devoted families take a break from the daily routine and stress of caring for a loved one. We can provide such a break in the client's home or in a variety of locations outside the home, such as outings, visiting other friends or families, etc.  Respite care is an essential part of the overall support for patients and families and can be so important for the wellbeing of both family and client. Identifying the type of respite needed and matching the need to the services currently available is essential for both parties and we make sure we tailor respite services to individual family needs. Such breaks can range from just a few hours weekly for the main carer or for longer periods to allow for a week or weeks holiday for the family.
 Homecare         Live-In Care         Dementia Care          Palliative Care           Elderly Respite Care
 Homecare         Live-In Care         Dementia Care          Palliative Care           Elderly Respite Care
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