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Based   in   Sligo   but   also   covering   Leitrim.      Caringangels   are   a   homecare   and   live   in   nursing   and support   service   priding   prides   itself   on   being   a   professional   modern   service   delivering   a   wide   range of   care   and   support   services   in   the   community   for   people   of   all   ages   and   with   very   diverse   needs,   a realistic alternative to Nursing Homes. Our   caring,   reliable   well-trained   staff   offer   a   caring   personal   service   that   includes   nursing, companionship,   respite   and   housekeeping   support   for   those   living   at   home.   Our   services   improve their   quality   of   life,   relieving   pressures   on   families,   fostering   a   more   relaxed   atmosphere   amongst the family.  Caringangels   allow   those   who   need   our   help   and   services   to   stay   at   home,   with   familiar friends,   relatives   and   possessions   around   them.   No   upheaval,   no   stress   and   no   trouble,   for   either the   client   or   their   families.   This   is   why   we   say   ‘caringangels’   for   your   peace   of   mind   and   the   well being and comfort of those you love.  Beatrice   and   Tam   are   extremely   proud   of   their   staff   and   their   ability   to   help,   support   and   care for   those   who   need   it   most.   As   to   their   personal   skills,   Beatrice   has   a   long   and   extensive   career   in nursing,   from   neurology   to   elderly   care   in   several   countries   including   Germany,   Scotland,   England and   Ireland,   with   Tam   began   caringangels   five   years   ago   to   provide   a   compassionate,   proficient, caring service for the elderly, disabled and unwell. Caringangels   offer   a   personal,   helpful   and   efficient   service   for   those   preferring   to   receive nursing,   company   and   help   in   their   own   home,   as   well   as   relieving   the   worry   and   anxiety   of families,   who   may   not   always   be   able   to   give   the   time   and   care,   needed   by   those   they   love.   We offer   excellent   reliable   experienced   nursing,   aid   and   assistance,   in   familiar   surroundings   to   enjoy their   possessions,   treasured   memories,   independence,   pets,   their   lovingly   created   garden,   the peace   and   quiet   of   their   own   home   and   to   do   what   they   want,   when   they   want.   While   re-assuring the   family   they   are   receiving   the   appropriate,   support,   nursing   and   attention   their   loved   ones   need and will benefit. You   and   they   are   in   control,   neighbours   and   friends   can   visit;   independence   and   home comforts   are   retained.   These   are   the   advantages   of   live   in   or   daily   homecare,   tailored   to   individual requirements,   whether   long   or   short   term,   night   and   day,   weekdays   or   weekends,   caringangels, caring for those you care about.      Please contact Beatrice or Tam for your peace of mind.  
for your peace of mind