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caringangels                                                                 for your peace of mind     Beatrice Macdonald  ( RGN, RM, PHN)     Tam Macdonald ( MBIM)
All Staff Vetted by An Garda Síochána
Garda    Vetting    is    carried    out    by    the    Garda    Central    Vetting Unit.The       Unit       primarily       deals       with       requests       from organisations     that     have     been     registered     with     it     to     vet prospective   employees.   Garda   vetting   is   conducted   in   respect of   personnel   working   in   a   full-time,   part-time,   and   voluntary or   student   placement   capacity   in   a   position   in   a   registered organisation,   through   which   they   have   unsupervised   access   to children and or vulnerable adults.
caringangels                                                                 for your peace of mind
All staff are personally interviewed. All staff references from all previous employers are strictly checked  All staff must have received acceptable Garda Clearance. All staff must have obtained 3rd level qualification (FETAC Level 5 or equivalent) in a relevant health related Subject. All staff must attend and complete our comprehensive Induction, Orientation and Manual Handling training. All staff complete our shadowing module with experienced senior staff and Supervisors. All staff are employed by caringangels, you do not have to worry about any aspect of their employment Our staff are always on call An aspect of our personal service that we are able to sustain our services at short notice Always on call, always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if any emergencies should arise.
All Staff Vetted by   An Garda Síochána
About Us
Who are Caringangels ? A private care company delivering care and support services to clients in their own homes. Where do Caringangels operate geographically ? Childcare nursing and home care services available in Sligo, Leitrim, Donegal, Roscommon and Mayo.     . ‘What is the Caringangels ‘Mission Statement’ ? To provide a quality care service which will enhance our client’s life, maintaining their indepencence and digmity, in the comfort of theior home. What is the Caringangels philosophy ? To be the best Description of the kind of service we deliver Personal care, housekeeping, meal preparartion, shopping, cleaning, companionship visits. Services are tailored to meet the requirements of the client. Who are our typical Clients and service users ? The disabilities sector and elderly, across the age spectrum from children to the elderly. We are a HSE preferred supplier, as well as providing care for private clients. What makes our service different to that provided by others ? Our nursing expertise is used to enhance the provision of care services to our  clients and we liase closely with other Health Care Professionals to ensure the client has the best possible care and a positive outcome. What is our specific expertise ? Providing a service that meets the client's needs delivered by staff who are both trained, experienced and supervised in their work. How long long have Caringangels been providing homecare ? Nine years in business. Further comments Please ring us to discuss your queries and requirements and those of your loved one. Please contact Carringangels for your peace of mind.
Caringangels are a Sligo and Letrim based homecare and ‘live in’ nursing and support service offering a realistic alternative to Nursing Homes. Caringangels allow those who need our help and services to stay at home, with familiar friends, relatives and possessions around them. No upheaval, no stress and no trouble, for either the client or their families.
Carinangels is managed by Beatrice Macdonald ( RGN, RM, PHN ) and her husband Tam Macdonald (MBIM).  They      have   organized   a   team   of   carers   that   are   trained   to   the   highest   standards,   and   who have   been   recruited   for   their   nursing,   personal   and   caring   skills.   Although   operated      on   a personal   and   friendly   basis   caringangels   is   also   conducted   on   an   efficient   and   professional level   making   sure   that   you   and   your   loved   one   receives   the   full   attention   and   care   that   is   is required    at    the    right    time    for    as    long    as    it    is    needed.    We    take    staff    recruitment    very seriously and implement rigorous controls to achieve this.
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